Introducing Boru’s Customized Vtiger 2FA: A Leap in CRM Security


In the realm of CRM platforms, security is paramount. That’s why at Boru, we’ve taken a significant step forward by developing a custom Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) extension for Vtiger. This isn’t just an enhancement; it’s a fundamental shift in how we secure our CRM environment. Let me share with you how our Vtiger 2FA customization is setting new standards in CRM security.

Boru’s Custom 2FA for Vtiger

Our approach to Vtiger’s 2FA is straightforward yet robust. Integrating a two-factor authentication process, we’ve elevated the security of the login process to new heights. When users sign in, they receive an authorization code via email, which is valid for five minutes. This simple step drastically improves security.

Advanced Security Features

What makes our customization stand out is the additional security layers we’ve integrated. We introduced an IP whitelist function, allowing logins only from specific, pre-authorized IP addresses. This feature significantly narrows down potential security breaches, ensuring that access to the CRM system is tightly controlled and secure.

Account Lock and Efficient Password Recovery

Acknowledging the human aspect of security, our Vtiger 2FA includes a smart account lock feature. After five unsuccessful login attempts, the account is temporarily locked for 30 minutes, thwarting any brute force attack attempts. Moreover, our ‘forget my password’ option ensures that users can securely reset their passwords, adding another layer of user-friendly security.


Implementing our custom 2FA for Vtiger goes beyond basic security measures. It’s a testament to Boru’s commitment to delivering a CRM platform that’s not just efficient but also secure. With this enhancement, we’re providing peace of mind to our clients, assuring them that their data and interactions are protected by top-tier security measures. Boru’s Vtiger 2FA customization isn’t just a feature—it’s our pledge to uphold the highest standards of CRM security.

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