Tailoring Vtiger CRM for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses: A Deep Dive into Customization of Digital Signatures and Payments

One challenge small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often face is the integration of multiple systems to capture signatures and process payments via email or SMS. Vtiger CRM, a versatile platform that can be customized for the unique requirements of individual companies.

The Challenge

The client in question had an existing furniture operations system, named “Frog”, where they logged most of their transactions. When an order is inputted into Frog, it automatically generates an invoice in Vtiger CRM. However, capturing signatures and payments in the digital sphere was a hurdle they had yet to overcome. They needed a way to efficiently:

  • Send invoices to clients via email.
  • Capture digital signatures.
  • Process payments in a unified system.

Vtiger CRM’s Tailored Solution

  1. The Vtiger Payment Links Widget: This widget was set up within Vtiger CRM, allowing users to send an email directly to the client, which included both an invoice and a payment link. Once this link was sent, a ‘Requested Payment’ record was automatically created in Vtiger CRM.
  2. Vtiger Invoice & Payment Integration: Upon opening the emailed link, clients had the option to view the invoice, sign digitally, and make their payment. They could scroll through the document, initial at specific places, and sign the entire document. Modelled after DocuSign, this function streamlined the process, allowing clients to smoothly navigate through the document and execute payment details.
  3. Vtiger Digital Signature Record-keeping: One of the features was the ability of the system to log metadata alongside digital signatures. This information, such as IP address and exact timestamp, bolstered the legal robustness of these digital acknowledgements.
  4. Seamless Financial System Integration: Beyond capturing signatures and processing payments, the customized Vtiger CRM also integrated with the client’s primary financial system. This meant that when payments were processed, they were synchronized with the ‘frog’ furniture operations system and included transaction numbers for easy tracking.
  5. Detailed Payment Records in Vtiger: The system was built to provide a transparent record of every transaction. Every approved, declined, or failed payment attempt was meticulously recorded. This allowed the business to have the information they needed – at their fingertips – to troubleshoot potential payment issues.

In Conclusion

The bespoke adaptation of Vtiger CRM for this SMB showcases the platform’s versatility and Boru’s ability to customize it. Through Boru’s understanding of the challenges faced by businesses, solutions can be moulded to meet exact needs. For SMBs looking to streamline their operations and provide a seamless experience for their customers, tailoring a CRM like Vtiger is a positive investment.

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