Unlocking the Power of Custom Reporting in Vtiger CRM

Harnessing Vtiger’s Reporting Capabilities for Enhanced Business Insights

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the ability to generate detailed and customized reports is crucial. Vtiger CRM stands out with its robust reporting functionality, providing businesses with the tools needed to make informed decisions. At Boru, we extend Vtiger with custom reports, designed to fit unique business requirements.

Vtiger’s Native Reporting Features

Vtiger CRM’s native reporting features are comprehensive and user-friendly. For example, creating a report on specific opportunities is straightforward. Users can set various conditions and parameters, reflecting real-time changes in business dynamics. This flexibility is evident in Vtiger’s standard reports, which already offer a wide array of functionalities:

  • Creating Reports: Simple steps to generate detailed reports, involving selection of primary modules, related modules, and customizable fields.
  • Scheduling Reports: Functionality to schedule reports at desired frequencies, ensuring timely insights.
  • Format Selection: Offering reports in user-friendly formats like Excel and CSV for easy analysis.
  • Grouping and Calculation Options: Allows grouping of data by different fields and performs calculations like summing amounts or finding maximum values.
Custom Reporting Solutions by Boru

While Vtiger’s standard reporting tools are potent, some business scenarios demand more. This is where Boru’s custom reporting solutions come into play. We develop specialized reports that cater to unique business needs, integrating seamlessly with Vtiger’s existing system.

  • Case Study – Mass SMS Delivery Report:
    • We designed a custom report for a client focused on mass SMS delivery analytics.
    • The report provided insights into SMS delivery statuses, including detailed Twilio error codes.
    • This level of customization is crucial for clients who need specific data that goes beyond Vtiger’s standard reporting capabilities.
The Boru Difference in Custom Reporting

Our expertise in Vtiger CRM allows us to create custom reports that are not just functional but also intuitive. We understand that each business has distinct data analysis needs, and our solutions are designed to meet these specific requirements. Whether it’s integrating with external APIs like Twilio or crafting complex data visualizations, our team is equipped to handle various challenges.

Conclusion: Streamlining Decision-Making with Advanced Reporting

In conclusion, whether your needs align with the comprehensive standard reporting features of Vtiger CRM or require the advanced customization that Boru offers, we are here to ensure that your business leverages data to its fullest potential. Our commitment is to deliver reporting solutions that empower decision-makers with precise, timely, and actionable insights. Contact us to explore how we can transform your data reporting capabilities and drive your business forward.

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