Revolutionizing Document Handling in Vtiger: Boru’s PDF Parsing Customization

Boru, known for its innovative solutions in CRM platform customization, has recently developed a groundbreaking Vtiger Documents PDF parsing customization for Vtiger. This advancement, particularly beneficial for our health insurance client, streamlines the process of managing various applications and documents.

Transforming Document Processing with Vtiger

Our client faced challenges with manual data entry and record updating in their workflow. To address this, Boru introduced a feature in Vtiger: “Add Sale via PDF”. This function allows users to drag and drop documents for automatic processing, significantly reducing manual input and the associated errors.

How It Works

Upon dragging a PDF into the system, Vtiger scans and parses the file. Our team at Boru programmed the parser to recognize various PDF types based on policy information or providers. The parser extracts key information, such as policy type, provider details, effective dates, and identification numbers. It also retrieves lead-specific data like names, addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface presents the extracted information in a user-friendly layout, displaying current and updated values side by side. This dual-column display ensures accuracy before the user confirms updates to the lead record and creates a new sale record.

Efficient Workflow Integration

The customization enhances workflow efficiency by automatically processing multiple PDFs sequentially, retaining data from the most recently processed document. This feature ensures that the most up-to-date information is always used, reducing the risk of errors and improving data integrity.

Impact on Workflow and Error Reduction

This development has significantly accelerated our client’s workflow within Vtiger. The automated process not only saves time but also minimizes typos and errors. By requiring confirmation of the correct lead record before creating a sale record, the system also prevents misplacement of sales data, further enhancing accuracy and reliability.


Boru’s customization of the Vtiger CRM for PDF parsing represents a leap forward in document handling efficiency and accuracy. By automating data extraction and integration, we’ve enabled our clients to focus more on their core business activities, assured of a reliable and error-minimized system.

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