Streamlining Document Management in Vtiger with Boru’s Drag and Drop Extension

Efficient document management is crucial for any CRM system. Understanding this need, Boru has introduced a game-changing solution for Vtiger open-source users – the Boru Drag and Drop extension. This innovative tool is designed to simplify and accelerate the process of creating and managing documents within Vtiger.

Effortless Installation and Setup

The Boru Drag and Drop extension is a breeze to install. Users can easily add it to their Vtiger CRM as a new module using a zip file through the Manage Modules page. Once installed, the extension offers flexibility in choosing where the drag-and-drop widget appears within the CRM. For example, if set up in the Contacts module, users will find the drag-and-drop area in the Summary tab of a Contact record.

User-Friendly Interface

The widget’s user interface is straightforward. Users can drag a file from their computer, whether using a PC or Mac, and drop it into the widget. This functionality is also compatible with files downloaded and opened in a new window or directly from a browser’s downloads bar, like Google Chrome. The ease of use is a significant time-saver and enhances user experience within the CRM.

Versatile Application

Boru has extended the capabilities of the Vtiger drag and drop widget beyond its standard application. It can now be integrated into pop-ups, full edit views of records, forms sent via email, and other relevant areas within Vtiger. This versatility ensures that users can add files to any record effortlessly, further enhancing the CRM’s functionality.

Automatic Document Record Creation

When a file is added using the widget, a document record is automatically created and linked to the relevant record. For instance, if a file is dropped into the widget on a Contact record’s summary screen, the resulting document record will be associated with that particular contact. This feature ensures that documents are not only uploaded but also correctly categorized and linked within the CRM.

Enhanced Sorting and Categorization

Understanding the need for efficient document categorization, the Boru team has incorporated pick lists and post-drag and drop prompts into the widget. These features allow users to categorize or type documents for easier sorting and access in the future. Such customization is pivotal for businesses that deal with a large variety of documents and need to maintain order and accessibility.

Customizable for Specific Workflows

The beauty of the Boru Drag and Drop module lies in its flexibility. The widget can be customized to create documents in different ways, depending on the originating record. This adaptability makes it a powerful tool for various business processes and workflows.


The Boru Drag and Drop extension for Vtiger open source is a testament to Boru’s commitment to enhancing CRM efficiency and user experience. By simplifying the document management process, this tool not only saves time but also elevates the overall functionality of Vtiger CRM. Whether for categorizing, uploading, or linking documents, the Boru Drag and Drop module is an indispensable tool for any Vtiger user looking to streamline their document management workflow.

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