Transforming CRM Interactions with Vtiger’s Email Action Forms

In the ever-evolving landscape of CRM, Vtiger stands out with its innovative features, particularly the custom extension for open source known as ‘Email Action Forms’. This cutting-edge tool is revolutionizing how businesses interact with their contacts and organizations, making processes more efficient and user-friendly.

Introducing Email Action Forms

Email Action Forms are designed to facilitate various actions through email interactions. Whether it’s uploading a PDF, responding to queries, or other tasks, this extension empowers users to perform actions directly from their emails, enhancing engagement and efficiency.

Creating and Customizing Forms

The beauty of Email Action Forms lies in their customization. Users can easily create new forms by selecting target modules and configuring options like headers, footers, and form fields. This flexibility allows for the creation of forms tailored to specific business needs, ranging from lead management to customer feedback.

Seamless Integration with Vtiger Modules

One of the key advantages of Email Action Forms is their seamless integration with various Vtiger modules. They can be used for a multitude of purposes, such as collecting information from prospective clients or existing contacts, and even internally, to prompt users to complete certain actions.

Enhancing User Experience and Efficiency

The extension not only simplifies the data collection process but also significantly improves user experience. Recipients can fill out the forms directly from their email, without the need to navigate back to the Vtiger system. This immediate interaction saves time and enhances productivity.

Tracking and Updating Records

Once a form is submitted, the changes are instantly reflected in the Vtiger system, with updates visible in the related fields. This feature ensures that all data is current and accurately tracked, providing a reliable source of information for business decisions.


Vtiger’s Email Action Forms represent a leap forward in CRM technology, offering a versatile and efficient tool for data collection and interaction. By integrating this extension into your Vtiger open-source build, you can significantly enhance your CRM capabilities, offering a more interactive and productive experience for both your team and your clients.

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