Enhancing Project Collaboration with Boru’s Vtiger Email Forms

In the complex world of project management, especially in sectors like construction, efficient collaboration between various parties is essential. Recognizing this need, Boru has developed a groundbreaking solution for Vtiger users: Vtiger Email Forms. This innovation is particularly beneficial for scenarios involving multiple external parties needing to update records associated with a single project in Vtiger.

Streamlining Information Collection

For a client dealing with multifaceted construction projects, the challenge was to gather updates from diverse groups such as assessment teams, pricing analysts, material sourcing agents, and construction crews, many of whom were not direct employees. Traditional methods, like having everyone log into the Vtiger system, were impractical due to the sheer number of users involved. Boru’s Vtiger Email Forms presented an elegant solution.

Intuitive and Accessible Updates via Email

Email Action Forms are an extension of standard Vtiger workflows. When a record meets certain conditions, an email containing a link is sent to the relevant party. Clicking this link opens a pop-up window with a few fields for the user to fill out and submit. This straightforward process allows for quick updates to the Vtiger records without the need for a Vtiger account or direct access to the system.

Fully Customizable Forms

The versatility of Email Action Forms lies in their customization. They can be sent from any record in any module, containing any fields from that record. For example, if a contact record needs updating, the form can display fields for personal and address information. Current information from the Vtiger record can be displayed in the form, and safeguards ensure that required fields are completed or changed as needed.

Efficient and Secure Data Submission

Once the pop-up form is submitted, the record in Vtiger is updated, and the pop-up displays a success message before closing automatically. To prevent multiple submissions, the email link deactivates after one use, ensuring that the record isn’t updated erroneously by different users or repeated submissions.

Enhanced File Upload Capability

A standout feature of Email Action Forms is the inclusion of a drag-and-drop section for file uploads. This allows users to upload files directly through the Email Action Form, bypassing the need to log into Vtiger and manually create document records. This feature automatically creates a document record related to the source module from which the Email Action Form was triggered.

Customized Look and Feel – Vtiger Email Forms

Beyond functionality, Email Action Forms offer aesthetic customization, including background color, images, button styles, header logos, and footer information. Each form can be individually styled, or default themes can be applied for consistency across all forms.


Boru’s Email Action Forms for Vtiger revolutionize how project-related information is collected and updated, especially in scenarios involving multiple external contributors. This tool not only simplifies the process of updating records in Vtiger but also ensures data integrity and timeliness, crucial in sectors like construction. By enabling various parties to contribute efficiently to the project workflow, Email Action Forms enhance overall project management and collaboration in Vtiger CRM.

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