Boosting Your Vtiger CRM Experience: Advanced Export Customizations by Boru

As a CRM enthusiast and a part of Boru’s innovative team, today I’m eager to share with you an exciting advancement we’ve made in enhancing the Vtiger CRM export experience. Vtiger’s standard open-source CRM platform offers remarkable capabilities, but it’s not without limitations, especially when dealing with data export. I’ve witnessed firsthand the frustration of timeouts during the export of large datasets—a common setback that can interrupt workflow significantly. But what if I told you that there is a solution to this vexing issue?

Streamlined Export Process without Interruptions.

We at Boru have taken a creative leap to refine the export function in Vtiger. Our aim was simple: eliminate the risk of timeouts and ensure our users can export data effortlessly, regardless of the file size. The ingenuity of our approach lies within the deployable modification—the code that redefines data exportation.

Our innovative code modification commences by enlisting the data selected for export into a queue. This is a game-changer as it enables the processing of exports to occur in the background stealthily. As a result, you, the user, can continue with your tasks within Vtiger’s CRM without the all-too-familiar timeout alert hovering over your screen.

A Backup That Speeds Things Up

The queued data isn’t just sitting idle—it’s being primed for a swifter output. By relegating the process to the backend, we significantly hasten the export procedure. This means you won’t be left waiting for long periods; rather, you’ll be productive, tackling other vital tasks while the export operation runs its course silently in the backdrop.

Notification and Security Features

What about knowing when your export is ready? You’ll receive an unobtrusive pop-up notification complete with a hyperlink to download your file directly from your browser—no need to rummage through server directories or worry about missing the file. And once your download is complete, the exported file is promptly removed from our server. This automatic deletion safeguards against potential security breaches, giving you peace of mind that sensitive information won’t linger where it shouldn’t.

The Boru Advantage: Efficiency and Security Combined

With Boru’s custom modifications, we’re not just improving Vtiger’s export functionality; we’re reinventing it. Our alterations elevate your user experience, allowing uninterrupted work, fast-tracking exports, and maintaining rigorous security protocols for data handling. The Boru touch means you can bid farewell to the constraints of Vtiger’s standard export limitations and embrace a seamless, secure, and efficient data management system.

In conclusion, our dedication to refining and customizing the Vtiger CRM platform stems from our commitment to efficiency, user satisfaction, and secure data management. Boru’s customized solutions ensure that you can export vast amounts of data effortlessly and securely. No more waiting, no more security concerns—just a fluid, user-centric CRM experience that empowers you to perform at your best.

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