Streamlining Forms and Scorecards in Vtiger CRM with Deployable Code

Enhancing Vtiger CRM Functionality with Customizable Forms and Scorecards

At Boru, we continually seek ways to enhance the user experience and functionality within Vtiger CRM. Our latest development, as discussed by Gil Rivera, focuses on a deployable code for creating and managing forms and scorecards directly within Vtiger Open Source. This feature is designed to simplify the process of collecting and analyzing data through customized forms.

User-Friendly Form Creation and Management

The core of this innovation lies in its simplicity and flexibility:

  • Customizable Settings Page: Users can create, edit, or delete questions easily through a straightforward settings page. This versatility allows for a wide range of forms to be created, catering to diverse business needs.
  • Drag and Drop Sorting: Organizing questions in the desired order is made effortless with drag-and-drop functionality, ensuring that forms and scorecards can be structured logically and efficiently.
Seamless Integration within Vtiger CRM

The integration of this functionality within Vtiger CRM streamlines the data collection process:

  • Access from Within a Record: Users can access and complete forms or scorecards directly within a Vtiger record by clicking a button, maintaining workflow continuity.
  • Data Recording and Historical Review: Submitted forms are saved within the record, allowing for historical review and analysis. This feature is invaluable for tracking progress and maintaining records over time.
Outcome Visualization with PDF Generation

The outcome of completed forms and scorecards can be conveniently visualized:

  • PDF Generation: Completed forms, like compliance scorecards, can be displayed in a PDF format. This makes it easy to review results, share them with relevant parties, or store them for compliance purposes.
  • Customizable Display: The PDF layout can be modified to meet specific requirements, providing flexibility in how information is presented and shared.

Conclusion: Empowering Users with Enhanced Data Management Tools

This deployable code for forms and scorecards within Vtiger CRM represents a significant step forward in simplifying data collection and analysis for Vtiger users. By integrating these functionalities directly into the CRM platform, we streamline processes, reduce the need to navigate between multiple applications, and enhance overall efficiency. For more information on how this feature can benefit your business operations, or to explore other custom solutions, feel free to contact Boru.

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