Harnessing the Power of Enhanced Vtiger Global Search with Boru Customization

Introduction: Navigating through vast customer databases can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, with the right tools and customizations, it’s possible to turn that search into an efficient, precise process. At Boru, I’m thrilled to share our custom-built extensive search functionality for Vtiger. Drawing upon Elasticsearch’s capabilities, we’ve developed a solution that not only makes searching through Vtiger’s Global Search a breeze but also adds depth and flexibility to the searches performed within your CRM.

Enhanced Search Flexibility for Vtiger: The beauty of Elasticsearch lies in its powerful search engine, which allows you to tap into the treasure trove of data within Vtiger CRM. Regular Elasticsearch functionality can search various modules, such as leads and contacts. But our Boru-exclusive Elasticsearch module takes it several notches higher. After installing, you’ll be able to personalize settings to meet your specific needs for extensive and nuanced searches.

Custom Modules and Related Data Searching: Here’s where our customization truly shines. In Vtiger, the default search capabilities might not always reach the data you’re after, particularly if it’s housed within a custom module or related, but separate bits of information. With Boru’s customization, users can extensively search for records in specific custom modules we’ve created, as well as related customer address data.

Advanced Searching with Multi-faceted Input Fields: Imagine you need to find a contact by name, but all you remember is that their birthday falls in a specific month or they fall within a certain age range. Our extensive search functionality can cater to this with ease. Boru has integrated custom searching for parameters such as an age range, which, while seemingly niche, could be invaluable in certain scenarios. The addition of relationship-based searches, such as linked companies and contract numbers within custom modules, further expands the search capabilities.

Streamlined Results and User Interaction: We understand that the amount of data can be overwhelming, which is why our extensive search doesn’t just retrieve information – it presents it in an easy-to-read, concatenated format. With highlight functionality for search terms and the ability to clear all fields with just one click, using this tool is a delight. Plus, the search results are sortable by contact names and are displayed in the familiar Vtiger list view, complete with hyperlinks to the respective records.

Potential Matches and Historical Data Searches: Our search technology isn’t just about exact matches. It’s also about potential matches, providing users with the option to see close fits based on most criteria. This is particularly useful when data like addresses or company names may have changed. Additionally, we’re exploring adding the capability to search historical address data, which can be crucial for tracking past customer locations and changes over time.

Conclusion: In conclusion, at Boru, we strive to deliver solutions that make the CRM user experience smooth, accurate, and tailored to the needs of our clients. The customization of Vtiger global search is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. Whether you’re sorting through contacts, leads, or complex custom data relationships, our enhanced search functionality offers unparalleled efficiency and precision. It’s not just about finding the proverbial needle in the haystack—it’s about transforming that hay into neatly sorted strands, ready for you to pick exactly what you need.

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