Optimizing Data Management with Custom Vtiger Imports by Boru

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, efficient data management is crucial for businesses, especially when utilizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Vtiger. Boru’s approach to customizing Vtiger imports significantly enhances the system’s inherent capabilities, catering to specific user needs and complex data structures.

Vtiger’s Built-in Import Functionality

Vtiger open source inherently possesses a robust import functionality, allowing users to import records across various modules. The process is straightforward: users select a CSV or VCF file, configure field mappings, and manage duplicate records according to their needs. This built-in feature is based on user permissions and roles, ensuring data security and integrity.

Customization for Complex Data Relationships

While Vtiger’s standard import tool is powerful, it may not suffice for intricate data structures or specific business needs. This is where Boru steps in, offering custom import solutions. For instance, when businesses need to import data that involves creating relationships between different record types, such as linking contacts to organizations, Boru’s custom scripts provide a tailored solution.

Boru’s Expertise in Custom Imports

Boru specializes in importing data from various sources, including SQL and NoSQL databases, and external systems like Yardi for property management. Their approach involves cleaning and converting datasets into a format conducive to Vtiger, ensuring a smooth import process. They work closely with clients to understand their specific needs, setting up a structured mapping system that aligns with the client’s data framework.

Scripted Import Processes for Ongoing Needs

For businesses requiring ongoing data imports, Boru can establish scripted import processes that run at scheduled intervals. They also customize the Vtiger import button to suit specific import scenarios, streamlining the process for frequent data updates.

Integration with Complex Data Sources

Boru’s experience extends beyond typical CRM data. They have successfully integrated complex data sets, such as documents pulled from external systems, into Vtiger. This integration ensures that all relevant data, including associated documents, is accurately reflected in the CRM.


Boru’s custom import solutions for Vtiger open source CRM exemplify their expertise in CRM data management and customization. By enhancing Vtiger’s standard import functionality with tailored scripts and processes, Boru ensures that businesses can manage their data efficiently, regardless of its complexity or source. This approach not only simplifies data integration but also maximizes the effectiveness of the Vtiger CRM system, adapting it to meet diverse business needs.

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