If you just read our post about a new Dropbox / Google Drive folder function here, our document synchronization option contains some similarity but may be a better option for you.  The main difference is:

  • this option synchronizes links of your documents into Vtiger from your cloud system 

Although it is called the Google Drive integration, this document synchronization feature can be made for Dropbox too. 

Two Features in this Document Integration:

  • Google Drive button – user is  on a record, clicks button, uses search bar to find document link, and links in a document from the drive to the Vtiger record

and / or

  • Google Drive synchronization – user turns on function in Vtiger and it routinely synchronizes new documents from Google Drive into records
    • (folder names in Google Drive must be the same as the record name in Vtiger for the sync to happen correctly)

View the product page here.

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