Vtiger Inventory Management: Barcode Integration

Revolutionizing Product Stock Management with Vtiger CRM

At Boru, Inc., we understand the crucial role of efficient Vtiger inventory management in the success of any business. To enhance this aspect of Vtiger CRM, we have implemented a cutting-edge barcode integration system. By placing barcodes within each product record, we are enabling businesses to effectively track and manage their product stock.

Innovative Barcode Integration for Accurate Stock Keeping

  • Barcode-Driven Asset Creation: The process starts within the Vtiger product record, where users can generate barcodes for products. Submitting these barcodes leads to the creation of assets linked to the product, accurately updating the quantity in stock.
  • The system is designed to update the stock quantity based on users scanning barcodes. When a product is picked and its barcode is scanned, the system automatically decreases the stock quantity. You can also track product lots if your company uses this method of inventory control.
  • A dedicated module on the Vtiger dashboard allows for focused tracking of assets being created. This feature enables users to mass create asset records that subsequently update the product quantity, ensuring that all assets are accounted for and stock levels are accurate.
  • Users can utilize the ‘receive’ option to serve the quantity and assign a barcode to the entire package. This flexibility is crucial for businesses dealing with various types of products and packaging.
  • All inventory updates are saved and logged in the system and can be accessed via reports. This transparency is essential for maintaining accurate records and planning inventory replenishment.

Benefits of Vtiger Barcode Integration

  • The barcode system minimizes human error in stock counting and ensures that the inventory levels are always up-to-date.
  • By having accurate data on stock levels, businesses can better manage sales orders and ensure timely order fulfillment.
  • The automation of stock tracking saves time and resources, allowing staff to focus on other critical business operations.
  • With each product and asset assigned a unique barcode, tracking products throughout the supply chain becomes more manageable.

Conclusion: A Step Forward in CRM Functionality

Vtiger Inventory Management via Barcodes

Vtiger Inventory Management via Barcodes

The implementation of barcode integration for Vtiger inventory management is a prime example of our commitment to enhancing CRM functionality. This system not only simplifies inventory management but also provides businesses with a powerful tool to maintain accurate stock levels. Improves customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. With such innovations, Vtiger CRM becomes an even more valuable asset for businesses looking to optimize their inventory management processes.

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