Streamlining HR and IT Processes with Boru’s Vtiger Paylocity Integration

Innovating User Management: Boru’s Integration of Paylocity and Vtiger

At Boru, Inc., our continuous efforts to enhance business operations through innovative solutions have led us to develop a remarkable integration between Paylocity, a leading HR platform, and Vtiger CRM. This integration represents a significant step forward in streamlining HR and IT processes, ensuring seamless user creation and updates across multiple systems.

Synchronizing HR and IT Systems

The integration focuses on utilizing data from the client’s Paylocity system to automatically create and update user profiles in both Vtiger and Google. This synchronization begins on Paylocity’s side, where essential employee data, such as names, job titles, and email addresses, are maintained.

Automated User Creation and Updates

Upon the creation of a user in Paylocity, a webhook triggers the transmission of data to Vtiger. The Boru process then meticulously creates a corresponding Vtiger user and subsequently a Google user. Updates follow a similar mechanism, ensuring that any changes in the Paylocity data are reflected in both Vtiger and Google systems.

Selective Data Utilization for Privacy

We understand the importance of data privacy and security. Therefore, our process only utilizes necessary data points while discarding sensitive information like social security numbers and salary details after processing.

Handling Complex Data with Precision

Our integration not only handles simple data fields like names and addresses but also tackles more complex scenarios:

  • Terminations: We ensure that if an employee’s termination date in Paylocity is current or past, both their Vtiger and Google accounts are deactivated, securing system access promptly.
  • Preferred Names: We incorporate flexibility by using Paylocity’s preferred name field when available, ensuring that Vtiger user records reflect the most commonly used names.
  • Store Assignments and Role Mapping: We intricately map work addresses to corresponding store records in Vtiger and translate job titles into appropriate Vtiger roles, maintaining accurate and functional user profiles.

Enabling Efficient Role-Based Access

By assigning roles in Vtiger based on job titles from Paylocity, we effectively partition permissions. This ensures users have access only to the necessary system components, enhancing both security and operational efficiency.

Technical Foundations for Integration

Implementing this integration required careful setup:

  • Paylocity Webhook and API Credentials: These are essential for receiving data updates and querying additional information.
  • Google Admin Access: A Google user with admin privileges is necessary for creating and updating other Google users.

Impact on Business Operations

This integration significantly reduces manual data entry, minimizes errors, and accelerates the user management process. By ensuring that HR data is consistently and accurately reflected in IT systems, we empower businesses to operate more efficiently.

Conclusion: Boru’s Commitment to Business Efficiency

At Boru, we are dedicated to leveraging technology to solve complex business challenges. Our Vtiger Paylocity integration exemplifies this commitment, offering businesses a streamlined, automated approach to user management. With Boru’s innovative solutions, companies can focus on growth and efficiency, knowing their HR and IT systems are in sync.

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