Boosting Productivity with Vtiger: Tackling Slow Performance through Process Queuing

As an avid user of the Vtiger CRM platform, I’ve often marveled at its robust capability to streamline complex business processes. Yet, like any powerful tool, it requires fine-tuning to operate at peak efficiency. Today, I want to share insights into an issue Vtiger 7 performance during heavy processing tasks—and how at Boru, we’ve combatted this with innovative queuing solutions.

Understanding the Challenge: Performance Hiccups in Vtiger

During my tenure with Vtiger, I’ve encountered scenarios where the system’s performance dipped significantly, particularly when engaging in intensive tasks like sending bulk SMS or emails. The frustration of having the entire screen freeze while waiting for these processes to complete is real. It’s a pain point that could potentially hamper productivity, with every second of lag translating into lost time and momentum.

Imagine the scenario: you’re on a roll, dispatching a flurry of communications or working on custom functions, and suddenly, everything grinds to a halt for what seems like an eternity. The cost? Thirty seconds of your valuable time, multiplied across the day, leading to a noticeable productivity drain.

Queue to the Rescue: Enhancing Efficiency Behind the Scenes

Recognizing the need to enhance user productivity and system efficiency, we at Boru have engineered a sophisticated queueing system designed to operate seamlessly in the background. By implementing this, we ensure that intensive Vtiger processes run silently behind the scenes, allowing users to continue their work uninterrupted.

A Practical Illustration: Zip File Extractions

I recall working on one of our client’s tasks where we customized a solution to extract zip files. Previously, the mere action of uploading and extracting a bulky zip file could stall the session, impeding the workflow. Our response was to build a background queuing system that would take over the heavy lifting. Here’s how it worked:

  • Users upload a zip file for extraction.
  • The extraction process is queued in the background, permitting ongoing work.
  • A confirmation alerts users that their documents are queued for processing.
  • Notifications pop up once the documents are ready, indicating the completion of the background extraction process.

On the technical front, we created a data table to manage the queue, incorporated a cron job or scheduled script to check the queue, and utilized an Ajax script to notify users post-completion. It’s elegant, it’s efficient, and it exemplifies our commitment to continual CRM improvement.

Beyond Extraction: Mass SMS and Email Queuing

Our queuing system isn’t limited to just file extractions—it’s also been a game-changer for clients managing mass SMS and email dispatches. We’ve applied similar queuing techniques to these processes, enabling the system to communicate with providers like Twilio and deliver comprehensive reports post-transaction, outlining sent items and users’ responses. This means our clients can focus on strategic tasks rather than wait for batch operations to conclude.

Unlocking New Frontiers: Diverse Applications of Queuing

The remarkable thing about this queuing process is its adaptability. It’s not just a one-trick pony; it extends to various integrations and customizations. Consider OCR data integration from PDFs; by having this run in the background, we’ve enabled users to multitask effectively, thereby elevating the Vtiger experience to new heights of productivity.

In a nutshell, our objective has always been to sidestep Vtiger 7 performance bottlenecks and let core processes run in the backdrop, liberating users to complete other vital tasks without unnecessary delays.

A Personal Invitation to Elevate Your Vtiger Experience

In my journey with CRM systems, especially with Vtiger, I’ve learned that customization is key to unlocking the full potential of the platform. If you’re troubled by slow performance or interested in optimizing your Vtiger system, I invite you to reach out to us at Boru.

As we’ve seen, a few strategic tweaks can vastly improve your experience—streamlining workflows, boosting productivity, and ultimately, lifting the burden of unnecessary wait times off your shoulders. Thank you for joining me today, and I look forward to helping you transform your CRM system into the efficient powerhouse it’s meant to be.

Interested in learning more? Let us send you an email.

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