Integrating Twilio for Enhanced SMS Capabilities in Vtiger CRM

In the ever-evolving landscape of CRM solutions, integrating effective communication tools is vital for streamlined operations. Boru’s implementation of Twilio as an SMS provider in Vtiger open source CRM exemplifies this, offering clients a robust and efficient way to incorporate SMS functionalities into their CRM system.

Simplified Integration Process

Vtiger by default supports SMS sending through various providers, but Boru has specialized in integrating Twilio, known for its reliability and additional services. The process of setting up Twilio in Vtiger open source has been simplified by Boru, making it user-friendly and significantly faster than setting up standard Vtiger endpoints.

Setting Up Twilio with Vtiger

The integration begins with the SMS Notifier module within Vtiger, which allows for the addition of new configurations for SMS providers, including Twilio. The setup involves entering the account SID and auth token from Twilio, and specifying the ‘from’ number. Boru assists clients in setting up their initial Twilio service, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration process.

Customization Options

One of the key features of this integration is the flexibility in phone number settings. Users can opt for a single phone number from which all SMS messages are sent, or they can choose to have individual Twilio-enabled phone numbers for each user, making SMS appear to be coming from user-specific numbers.

Sending SMS in Vtiger

Once Twilio is configured, sending an SMS is straightforward. Users can go to any record, like leads, contacts, or organizations, and send an SMS directly from there. The system displays available phone fields, and users can type their message, keeping in mind the 160-character limit for optimal delivery.

Mass SMS Sending and Queuing System

For businesses that need to send bulk SMS messages, Boru has implemented a queuing system within Vtiger. This system queues the SMS to send in the background via the Twilio API, ensuring that the system doesn’t get overwhelmed by simultaneous outgoing messages.

Reply System Integration

The integration also includes setting up a reply system. This ensures that incoming replies from SMS recipients are efficiently managed in Vtiger, either by directing them back into the CRM or assigning them to individual users, depending on the chosen integration setup.

Advantages of Twilio Integration in Vtiger

  • Centralized Communication: With Twilio integrated into Vtiger, all SMS-related activities are contained within the CRM, eliminating the need to use external systems.
  • Record Attachment: SMS messages are attached to the relevant records in Vtiger, simplifying tracking and management of communications.
  • Customizable and User-Friendly: The integration is designed to be customizable according to user needs and is straightforward to use.


Boru’s integration of Twilio into Vtiger open-source CRM is a testament to their commitment to enhancing CRM functionalities. This integration not only simplifies the SMS sending process but also brings a level of efficiency and customization that is invaluable for businesses seeking to maintain effective communication with their contacts directly within their CRM system.

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