Vtiger Phone App: Customizing Your Field Operations with Boru

It’s no secret that the right tools can revolutionize the way we work. Today, I want to share an exciting walk-through of a customized Vtiger Phone App solution Boru delivered for our clients, specifically tailored for their field technicians using the power of Vtiger CRM open source and their mobile phones.

From Paper to Digital: The Initial Leap

Our journey began when we were approached to create something truly pivotal for our client’s field service team. The objective was clear — a Vtiger phone app designed to digitize various forms such as safety checks, incident reports, and equipment inspections. With technicians on the go, we understood the need for information to be accessible and manipulable right at the job site. The basic version of the app served its purpose well. Technicians would choose a form type, enter the associated work order number, and then, depending on their need, either commence filling out a new form or review the job scope related to that work order.

But as with any great service, it’s about evolution.

A Step Further: Viewing Past Submissions

Our clients asked for more — the ability to view forms submitted on previous days. And we at Boru thrive on such challenges. Introducing a ‘view form by date’ feature, we kept the simplicity of the workflow intact. After selecting a form type and entering a work order number, technicians could now pick a date to retrieve a PDF of a previously completed form. This feature proved crucial in offering users a historical perspective and accountability, which is often lacking in paper-based systems.

Today’s Edits for Tomorrow’s Growth

Another enhancement that came from our client feedback was the need to edit submitted forms on the same day. This feature was particularly important in scenarios where one might need to make amendments or updates due to changing situations or unresolved incidents on the jobsite.

So, we tapped into the local storage capabilities and added yet another intuitive button. Now, a technician could reopen a form submitted earlier that day and make necessary edits. This represents the flexibility of our Vtiger customization in action — ensuring the app is not just a one-way street but a workshop where forms are living documents until the day’s work is concluded.

Overcoming Connectivity: Offline Functionality

Let’s face it, fieldwork can take technicians to remote corners where connectivity is a luxury. Boru prioritized this reality, ensuring that the Vtiger phone app functions smoothly even when offline. This offline capability means that no matter where the work takes them, our clients’ technicians can rely on the app to perform as needed — because efficiency shouldn’t be hampered by location.

Conclusion: Your Workflow, Enhanced by Boru

At Boru, we aren’t just about creating solutions — we’re about engineering a seamless integration of technology into your daily operations. With the Vtiger phone app customization, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to enhancing efficiencies in real-time and real places.

Whether it’s a robust offline functionality or the ability to revisit and revise forms, our approach ensures you’re armed for the present and prepared for the future. Your workflow deserves the kind of flexibility and reliability that Boru’s CRM platform customization provides. Let’s revolutionize your field operations together, one tailored solution at a time.

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