Harnessing Vtiger Related Fields for Seamless Data Display

When managing customer relationships, having the right information displayed where you need it is crucial. This is where the magic of Vtiger related fields comes into play.

My Journey with Vtiger Show Through Fields

Let me share with you a concept that completely transformed how data is displayed on Vtiger CRM platforms. Imagine you’re handling an opportunity, and you need pertinent contact or organization information at your fingertips, without the hassle of navigating through countless related lists. That’s exactly the ordeal I faced, and which led me to discover the power of show through fields in Vtiger.

Streamlining Data Visibility

By working with clients on a one-on-one basis, like the engaging case that came across my desk, we focus on providing solutions that streamline the way data is shown. These show through fields are a game-changer—they allow information from one record to be displayed within another without altering the core data structure.

An Illustrative Example

Consider the scenario where you want the primary email address of a related organization prominently visible on the opportunity record. Traditionally, duplicating the data would be considered, but that’s a path fraught with update issues and redundant data management. Instead, a show through field does the job elegantly, presenting the email right where it’s needed, all while avoiding the pitfalls of data duplication. This approach guarantees both time savings and ensures data integrity.

The Impact on Efficiency

Adopting show through fields does come with some limitations; they are primarily display elements and don’t lend themselves to merge field operations or computational tasks. However, when the goal is to enhance user interfaces by displaying related Vtiger records within a single view, these fields are the optimal solution, elegantly updating the UI without the cumbersome need for data manipulation.

Beyond Display: Linking to the World

Vtiger’s versatility doesn’t end with internal records. A different customization requirement led to fields that act as bridges to external data sources. Take the case where we set up a field linked directly to Google Maps directions. By leveraging Vtiger’s customization capabilities, we were able to craft a hyperlink from an address field that dynamically constructs a Google Maps URL, guiding the user seamlessly from their CRM to precise locations on the map.

The Path to Customization

Addressing unique needs is where Boru truly excels. Whether it’s setting up complex URL structures or fashioning custom fields that auto-link to external databases, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of Vtiger customizations. Our experience spans a myriad of scenarios where field-level information becomes a powerful tool for enhancing Vtiger CRM platforms.

Ready to Customize Your Vtiger Experience?

If the idea of Vtiger related fields, show through fields, or any other type of CRM customization piques your interest, know that at Boru, we’re passionate about tailoring Vtiger systems to suit your workflow. Have a challenge for us? Get in touch, and let’s craft a Vtiger CRM that feels like it was made just for you.

The potential for customization is boundless, and these examples only scratch the surface. When you’re ready to make your Vtiger CRM work harder for you, remember the team at Boru is here to turn that ambition into reality.

Interested in learning more? Let us send you an email.

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