Customizing tables and graphs in your CRM

Last week, I wrote how we are able to show different tables and graphs that allows the users process their data differently. This time around, I am going to further explain how we can tailor it to your needs. As I have mentioned in my last post, we are able to make tables and graphs of the data that the client wants and needs to be displayed. But in addition we are able to show different kinds of data.

For example, we are currently working with a client that wants to show data from different years, customers and industries and we were able to do that by the use of picklists that are easy to use for the users. This way, the user is able to see the data for an specific customer in a certain year. In addition, the user does not have to go through the same process to get to the table the next time, as we are able to save the information of the last table used by the user and show it the next time the user logs in.

All in all, this is just a small sample of how customizable tables and graphs can be, and how they can help almost everyone. We are able to tailor these displays to your needs in order to better understand the data that you are working with.

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