Revolutionizing Warehouse Management with Boru’s Custom Vtiger Scheduler


In the dynamic world of warehouse management, staying ahead means embracing innovative tools that streamline processes. That’s where Boru’s custom implementation of the Vtiger Scheduler shines. Recently, we delved into how this tailored solution enhances the efficiency of warehouse activities. Here’s an insight into how our customized Vtiger Scheduler is transforming the way managers handle pickups and deliveries.

The Essence of Boru’s Vtiger Scheduler

Our Vtiger Scheduler is more than just a calendar; it’s a comprehensive management tool. Designed for managers, it facilitates the visual assignment and approval of submissions from an external form. The process begins with the scheduler, where managers view and manage pickups and deliveries, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Customized Web Calendar Functionality

At the heart of this system is a web calendar, enriched with Boru’s custom modifications. One such modification is the ‘Dispatch’ button, a crucial element in the process. The calendar displays submissions color-coded for easy identification—red for new requests, orange for counter proposals, and green for approved requests. This color-coding simplifies the process of tracking and managing requests.

Streamlining Pickups and Deliveries

The Scheduler’s true power lies in its efficiency in managing time slots. Pickups are allocated 30-minute windows, evident from the calendar, while deliveries typically occupy a full day. Managers can manually approve requests or use the mass approval feature in the dispatch pop-up. This flexibility in scheduling and approving pickups and deliveries is a game-changer in warehouse management.

Interactive Scheduling Process

The Scheduler’s user-friendly interface allows managers to interact with the calendar effortlessly. If a scheduling conflict arises, they can drag and drop the request to a new date, automatically changing its status and color to indicate a counter proposal. This feature not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of scheduling.

Customer Interaction and Confirmation

Once a request is counter-proposed, an automatic email is sent to the customer with the new or potential time slot. Customers can then accept or request a rescheduling, ensuring clear communication throughout the process. Upon final approval, the customer receives a confirmation email, and the calendar updates the status to green, indicating readiness for the pickup or delivery.

Impact on Warehouse Activities

Implementing the Vtiger Scheduler has had a profound impact on warehouse operations. It allows for a seamless scheduling process, ensuring efficient allocation of resources and time. This system is particularly effective in managing the high volume and variability of warehouse activities, leading to improved overall efficiency.


Boru’s customization of the Vtiger Scheduler is more than just an upgrade—it’s a transformative tool for warehouse management. By streamlining the scheduling of pickups and deliveries, we have empowered managers to operate more effectively and efficiently. The Vtiger Scheduler is not just a feature; it’s an integral part of our commitment to providing innovative, practical solutions in the CRM space.

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