Enhancing Shipment Tracking in Vtiger for Efficient Order Management

Introduction: Streamlining Shipment Processes with Vtiger Shipment Emails

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient management of shipments is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Boru recently tackled this challenge for a client by customizing Vtiger Open Source CRM to enhance shipment tracking capabilities. This blog post delves into the details of this customization, demonstrating how it has transformed the client’s process of managing sales and purchase orders.

Customization Details: Advanced Shipment Tracker in Vtiger

1. Seamless Integration with Sales and Purchase Orders

We began by implementing a button on the sales order that triggers a shipment tracker popup. This popup displays rows for each line item on each related sales order, allowing for detailed tracking of items from different manufacturers or companies.

2. Comprehensive Tracking Information

The popup includes various columns for essential details like manufacturer, part number, estimated shipping date, actual ship date, carrier, tracking number, and quantities (ordered, remaining, shipped, and received). This comprehensive approach ensures that all relevant information is easily accessible.

3. Dynamic Data Entry and Management

As shipping information is received, the purchasing coordinator can update the tracker with estimated ship dates, actual ship dates, quantities shipped, and carrier details. The tracker is designed to automatically adjust the remaining quantity based on the input, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

4. Splitting and Expanding Rows for Detailed Tracking

When partial shipments occur, users can split a row to create a child row for precise tracking. This feature is crucial for managing partial deliveries and ensures that each shipment is accounted for accurately.

Enhanced Functionality for Improved Shipment Management

1. Color-Coded Progress Indicators

At the top of the popup, color-coded buckets provide a quick overview of the shipment status, shifting from red to yellow to green as the quantity received approaches the full ordered amount. This visual aid helps in quickly assessing the progress of each order.

2. Clickable Tracking Numbers

When both carrier and tracking information are entered, the tracking number becomes clickable, directing the user to the carrier’s website for real-time tracking. The Vtiger Shipment Emails add convenience and immediacy to the shipment tracking process.

3. Read-Only Access for Broader Visibility

While the popup is primarily accessible by purchasing managers for data entry, it is also available in a read-only format to other users like sales agents or customer relations staff. This allows for broader visibility of order statuses without the risk of accidental data alteration.

Conclusion: Boru’s Commitment to CRM Customization for Operational Excellence

At Boru, we understand the importance of efficient order and shipment management in today’s competitive business landscape. Our customized Vtiger CRM Shipment Emails solution for shipment tracking exemplifies our commitment to providing tailored solutions that address specific business needs. This enhancement not only streamlines the shipment process but also provides greater visibility and control over the order fulfillment process. If you’re looking to optimize your shipment tracking and order management processes, let Boru’s expertise in Vtiger customization work for you.

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