Enhancing Data Integrity with Boru’s Custom VTiger Workflow for Multiple User Roles

Boru’s Innovative VTiger Customization for Streamlined Workflows

At Boru, we specialize in creating tailored CRM solutions that address specific operational challenges. A recent project with a client involved customizing VTiger CRM to accommodate a workflow involving multiple user roles, enhancing both data integrity and process compliance.

Custom Workflow for Front Desk and Processing Users

The customized VTiger system we developed caters to two distinct user roles: Front Desk Users and Processing Users. This setup reflects our deep understanding of the client’s need for a structured, role-based workflow.

  • Front Desk User Role:
    • Ticket Creation: The workflow begins with the front desk user, who creates a new ticket in VTiger upon a customer’s arrival.
    • Initial Data Entry: The user records essential customer identification information and saves the ticket, leaving it open for further processing.
  • Processing User Role:
    • Review and Data Entry: Processing users access the open ticket in a full edit mode but with read-only access to the initial data. This allows them to review the information entered by the front desk user and add their own data without altering the existing details.
  • Finalization by Front Desk:
    • Review and Completion: After processing, the customer returns to the front desk, where the user accesses the updated ticket. They can view all entered data (both their own and the processing user’s) in read-only mode and add final exit information.

Maintaining Data Integrity and Compliance

This system ensures that each role can view but not edit the information entered by the other, preserving the integrity of the data throughout the customer’s journey. By doing so, the client can maintain compliance with their regulations and procedures, a critical aspect of their operations.

The Boru Advantage: Custom Solutions for Complex Needs

This project exemplifies Boru’s ability to develop complex, role-specific workflows within VTiger CRM. We understand that businesses often have unique processes that standard CRM solutions cannot accommodate. Our expertise lies in customizing these systems to fit the intricate needs of our clients, ensuring efficiency, data integrity, and compliance.

Conclusion: Driving Efficiency with Tailored CRM Solutions

At Boru, our commitment to providing bespoke CRM solutions helps businesses streamline their operations while adhering to their specific requirements. This VTiger customization for multiple user roles is a testament to our dedication to enhancing CRM systems to support our clients’ unique business processes. With Boru’s customized solutions, companies can confidently manage their workflows, knowing their CRM system aligns perfectly with their operational needs.

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