Welcome to Boru Apps

Boru helps small businesses get results from their customer databases (CRM systems). We are focused on the vTiger CRM platform through:

  • vTiger Modules that snap into your vTiger to make it work better for you.
    • vTiger customizations to make your vTiger work exactly the way you want.
    • vTiger startup success packages to get you up and running quickly and with the best results.
  • vTiger integrations with Google, Quickbooks, Constant Contact, Five9, Drupal/Ubercart, etc.
    • vTiger service version that is packed with features to make your life better as a service business owner.
    • vTiger hosting

With Boru helping you set up your CRM, you'll have:

  • Close alignment with your ideal business process
    • A simple interface with only the functions you need
    • Low costs -- we focus on small business and we find ways to keep the price down.
  • A strong emphasis on open source software, especially vTiger CRM
    • The ability to put money into simplifying and streamlining the software rather than paying for the software
    • No restrictions/compromises because you own the software