Vtiger Integration: Fishbowl for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We integrated Fishbowl with Vtiger for our client so the information is synchronized in both systems creating a smoother sales process.  Their process is as follows: create the client record in Vtiger –> create the quote in Vtiger –> turn quote into invoice or sales order in Fishbowl –> sales order executed in Fishbowl

With this integration, the information is updated and accurate in both systems because it is synchronized:

  • Create a sales order in Fishbowl from Vtiger:  user clicks “Send Order to Fishbowl” 
  • Sync products from Fishbowl to Vtiger: every hour products are checked in Fishbowl and updated in Vtiger if changes have been made 
  • Sync invoices from Fishbowl to Vtiger: same process as products


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