Quicker Searches for Products on a Quote or Purchase Order

Do you use Vtiger Quotes or Purchase Orders often? Do you have a big product database? Save yourself from having to open multiple tabs or constantly navigating away from a quote or purchase order just to find the Product name.

Many of our clients have large product databases and often times online merchants focus on using the Product Number rather than the product name. You may have products with several attributes and the product name only has a variation in color or style. An example would be a “Funny Cat T-shirt” where you have 50 different flavors of this shirt. Size, color, material could all be variations of this product. Your naming schema might look like “Funny Cat T-Shirt – Blue – Large – Silk” (who wouldn’t love that silk kitty shirt)? If you do use this type of product naming then you would have to type in “Funny Cat” and then look through the huge list of shirts to find the right one. If you have a sku of “12345-1-3” for this shirt then with a simple modification you could simply start typing the sku and narrow your product selection to an exact match.


Sure, you can click the “box” and open up a pop-up and then filter to Product Number and type in your sku to find the item. It’s just all steps, more and more steps right? Why not save yourself some time in an area where you are trying to focus on sales and customer service?

It’s a small project for us but it’s requested all the time. Let our team set your type-ahead search in Quotes/Purchase Orders (etc) to filter based on the best field for your product identification. It could save you time, grief and best of all, you can get back to focusing on selling Funny Cat T-shirts made out of Silk.


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