Additional New Release Information from Vtiger

Here are some more updates from Vtiger about upcoming releases:

Version 6.5 to be released by end of March, will carry minor feature enhancements as well as bug-fixes. We are reviewing the contributions on We’ll update on the feature enhancements in February.

Last year, with version 6.3, we upgraded to make Vtiger work with PHP 5.5. This has improved performance. We are not sure if we will make it PHP 7 ready this year, since there are many underlying libraries that won’t work with PHP 7. We will review this after 6.5 release.

On Demand UI will be released in Q3 as part of Vtiger 7 launch.

We do understand the challenges with testing and validating extensions on On Demand platform. We are reviewing some options. I am not sure about a timeframe yet, but you will hear from us on this again.

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