Boru’s Activity Clock Extension Uses Vtiger Activities for Efficient Time Management

In the fast-paced world of consulting, every second counts. A new solution provided by Boru, known as the Activity Clock module, is becoming a game-changer for professionals, particularly consultants. In a recent discussion, the module’s features, applications, and advantages were laid out in detail. In this post we cover a method of using Vtiger Activities with the Activity Clock extension.

What is the Activity Clock Module?

Boru’s Activity Clock module is a time management tool designed to create time logs for project tasks. Given that each project can host multiple tasks and each task can have multiple logs, this system ensures accuracy and transparency.

Why Do Consultants Need It?

Consider a consultant who charges clients by the hour. They need a reliable system to track the time spent on specific tasks within a project. Not only does this module help in tracking, but it also provides a tangible backup when they’re invoicing clients, ensuring credibility.

Key Features of the Activity Clock Module:

  • Versatility: The Activity Clock can be integrated with various modules like organizations, contexts, and tickets. In a demonstrated example, the module was adeptly added to the Project Tasks module.
  • Integration with Vtiger: It’s crafted to create standard activity records, which are mainly calendar records.
  • Customization: Users can opt to hide the subject line for each log and utilize a notes section for annotations. This flexibility enhances the user experience.
  • Activity Type Selection: Users can classify their Vtiger activities type—be it a task, a calendar event, or a call, ensuring clear demarcation of tasks.

Delving Deeper: Reporting & Widget Functionality

The module doesn’t stop at logging. It also aids in generating comprehensive reports that display project names, the assignee, end time, duration, and even notes. The built-in Vtiger Activities Clock widget further permits users to manually log time or use the start-stop timer for automated tracking.

Additional Enhancements:

An exciting feature of the module is its ability to convert notes added by users in the time log into comments on the project task. It’s an additional functionality, but it ensures that no detail, however minor, is overlooked.

Beyond the Basics: Real-World Applications

  • RingCentral Integration: One of the clients plans to integrate the module with RingCentral’s third-party dialing system. This will help in monitoring the call durations of sales reps, gauging their efficiency, and subsequently making data-driven decisions.
  • Ticket System Integration: Another client employs the module with their ticket system. By tracking time spent on individual tickets, the tool assists managers in overseeing and optimizing team performance.

Wrapping Up

The Activity Clock extension by Boru is not just another time management tool. It’s a comprehensive solution designed with precision and the end-user’s needs in mind. Whether you’re a consultant, a manager, or a professional juggling multiple tasks, this module promises to be an invaluable addition to your toolkit. Use Vtiger Activities to your advantage.

By mastering your time, you can ensure better productivity, accountability, and ultimately, success. And with tools like Boru’s Activity Clock extension, the journey becomes that much smoother.

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