VT Call User Guide

VT Call is a tool which provides a streamlined interface for quickly processing a long list of calls. It gives you the ability to quickly access all of the information you need to make effective sales calls, and integrates seamlessly with the vtiger data structure. [accordions] [accordion title=”Activity Types”] VTCall can work using any standard […]

Round Robin User Guide

The Boru Round Robin module lets you easily assign new records to vTiger users in a highly flexible way, and provides feedback to let you know that they’re following up on the assignments. In order to start using the roundrobin module, follow the installation instructions carefully, then create a new vTiger user called “roundrobin.” For […]

GMail Contextual Gadget User Guide

Match Once you open up the email, if the sender is in vTiger, it will open “Match” tab, where the information from vTiger will be displayed. Name: Name of the Contact, you can click on it and it will open it in vTiger. Account: Name of the Account/Organization the Contact is linked to; you can […]

Boru User Defaults User Guide

[accordions] [accordion title=”Boru User Default Guide”] Uninstall module – this will completely remove the module from your vTiger build. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Manage from Template/ Allow Users to Manage”] Each section has an option to “Allow users to manage/Manage from template” it, or use the defaults set in the module. If you will check “Manage from […]

Boru LDAP Authentication User Guide

[accordions] [accordion title=”Configuration”] In the Settings page for the module, there is two main pieces A) If you the notice of “LDAP Modifications Not Currently Installed”, you must press “Click Here” to install or your vtiger login will not work AT ALL if you attempt to use LDAP or AD Authentication B) Authentication Method Select the authentication […]

Boru Dedupe User Guide

[accordions] [accordion title=”Accessing Boru Dedupe”] Open you vTiger Go to “Tools” > “Custom Import” You will have 2 options: 1) Custom Import (Import & Dedupe Data) 2) Check for Duplicates (Merge/Purge Duplicates in the Database) [/accordion] [accordion title=”Custom Import”] Custom Import is used when you need to import data and Dedupe it at the same […]

Boru Import User Guide

About This module was created with the idea of a faster and more efficient import utility for Vtiger. The standard VTiger import utility, as you may have already noticed, takes a long time to import large numbers of records and sometimes fails on imports with more than 200 records. The BoruImport Module does not hook into the […]

Boru Calendar Replacement User Guide

  [accordions] [accordion title=”Calendar Settings”] The version is displayed in the header, in this case it’s 1.0.38 Uninstall hyperlink will uninstall the module completely. 1. Your web2cal license is stored here. You can update it if necessary. 2. You can choose the default type when creating the event. Every time you will create an event, […]

Boru Automated Backup User Guide

[accordions] [accordion title=”Boru Automated Backup Settings”] Go to “Settings” > “Boru Automated Backup”. This displays the main control panel for the module. At the top you may choose to perform Local, Offsite, or both types of backups. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Local Backup Settings”] This allows you to write a compressed copy of your vTiger build to […]

Boru Authorize.Net User Guide

[accordions] [accordion title=”Access Boru Authorize.Net”] Open vTiger Mouse over the “Settings” icon Hit “CRM Settings” Click on “Module Manager” Select “Custom Modules” Tab Click on the Hammer next to the installed module name [/accordion] [accordion title=”Configure Boru Authorize.Net”] “INSTALL TRANSACTION RELATED LIST ON INVOICES” – Once you click here, it will add new related list […]