Automated Billing of Tickets or Jobs in Vtiger – Sync To Quickbooks

This is a description of a great automation/customization we did for a client to automate billing of their Tickets/Jobs in Vtiger and then sync the invoices Quickbooks.

  • We set up a cron job to run on the first of every month. This triggers the creation of invoices from jobs.
  • The program checks each contact for jobs/tickets that have not been invoiced. If yes, it creates an invoice linked to the contact with a line for each job/ticket. Sets the invoice address to that of the linked contact.
  • In each contact, the hourly rate is set in a field. For each job/ticket that has not been processed, sets the lnvoice line item service name to ‘Support’, copies the job field description to the Invoice line item description, copy the job field Hours
  • Actual to the Invoice line item = Quantity, copy the contact field Hourly Rate to the Invoice line item = Unit Price. The Extended price will auto calculate. Set the Job Processed field to Yes. Check for more jobs/tickets that are not processed. It processes all jobs/tickets from the contact and then continues to check all the contacts.
  • It calculates the Total Balance Due for the contact by adding the balance due from all invoices. Puts that amount in the Total Balance Due field on the invoice.
  • It sets the Sync to QB field on the invoice to “Yes” so the invoice will Auto Sync.
  • It auto-emails the invoice/PDF to the contact (primary email)

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