Barcodes in Vtiger Global Search

One of my favorite recent customizations is creating the ability to search for barcodes and UPCs in Vtiger’s global search.

On the heels of a recent inventory management project, our client found that they were frequently looking up product records by name via the products module. Their warehousing and inventory flow involves a high volume of SKUs and a scanner wand. Typing product names and scrolling through a list was slowing them down.

What we had done before was to add a field called “UPC” to the product record and alter the product ID to be a UPC-A 12 digit field. This would automatically generate a unique product number with a check digit which enabled our client to print barcode labels for items without UPC’s. This field could also accept UPCs from products which came labeled from the manufacturer. Both the UPC or the Vtiger generated number would automatically populate a field called “Barcode” which we made available in the Global Search.

With one small tweak, our client could now scan any item in their inventory and instantly view the product record. The time savings were significant!

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