Boru Activity Clock User Guide

[accordion title=”Activity Clock User Guide”]

  • Once installed, go to the module’s Settings page to select which modules you would like the Activity Clock to appear within.

  • Once you have selected the module(s) that you wish the Activity Clock to appear in, the Activity Clock will automatically appear on those modules’ detail view.
  • Start the Clock by clicking “Start” and the time will start running. (Click “Pause” to stop the clock running if needed, and click “Start” again to resume where you left off).
  • Enter the notes of the activity in the main text field and a subject for the activity in the “Subject” text field.
  • Click “Complete” and the history activity will be created with the duration of total time.
  • After clicking “Complete”, entries created by the Activity Clock will be viewable as “Activity Histories” under the “More Information” view of the instance in which it was created.



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