Boru Authorize.Net User Guide

[accordion title=”Access Boru Authorize.Net”]

  • Open vTiger
  • Mouse over the “Settings” icon
  • Hit “CRM Settings”
  • Click on “Module Manager”

  • Select “Custom Modules” Tab
  • Click on the Hammer next to the installed module name

[accordion title=”Configure Boru Authorize.Net”]

  • “INSTALL TRANSACTION RELATED LIST ON INVOICES” – Once you click here, it will add new related list under the Invoices
  • Enter “API Login ID”. Please see the manual for more information
  • Enter “Transaction Key”. Please see the manual for more information
  • Select the columns you want to see under the new Transaction related list.


[accordion title=”Making a Payment”]

  • Open Invoice in vTiger
  • On the right hand side, there is going to be a “Boru Authorize.Net widget”.
    • The amount is pre-filled from the Invoice grand total, you can change it by hitting “Change” and entering amount manually.
    • Choose the type of Payment
    • Hit “Pay Invoice”, the payment form will open. Enter all the details and submit. Once submitted, the transaction log will be recorded in vTiger.

[accordion title=”Authorize.Net Transaction Related List”]

  • The payments you made can be found in the Related List created during the setup.
  • Open an Invoice in vTiger
  • Go to “More Information” tab and expand the “Authorize.Net” related list – all transactions will be displayed below.


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