Boru Dedupe User Guide

[accordion title=”Accessing Boru Dedupe”]

  • Open you vTiger
  • Go to “Tools” > “Custom Import”
  • You will have 2 options:
    • 1) Custom Import (Import & Dedupe Data)
    • 2) Check for Duplicates (Merge/Purge Duplicates in the Database)

[accordion title=”Custom Import”]

  • Custom Import is used when you need to import data and Dedupe it at the same time.
  • Select the “Custom Import”
  • Select the record module you want to import
  • Hit “Next”

  • Hit “Choose File” and browse to file you want to import
  • Has Header, Delimiter, Format – adjust those if necessary.
  • Hit “Next”

  • Map the fields for the Import
  • You can save/load mappings(default vTiger function)
  • Make sure you check “Duplicate Merging”
  • Hit “Next”

[accordion title=”Dedupe Criteria/ Profiles”]

  • You will be able to create Dedupe profile and save and re-use them.
  • Hit “New Profile”

  • Enter Profile name and hit “OK”
  • Hit “New Condition” to create a new criteria for the profile

  • Select the module you want to check the duplicates in
  • Select the field you want to check
  • Select the method
  • Select the weight for the condition
  • Hit “Save”
  • Note, if you set weith to ‘0’, then the field will show up in the duplicate list, but the field will not be checked for duplicates. ‘0’ usually is used if the user wants to see additional fields/columns of the duplicate records.

  • Add additional modules if necessary
  • Set the Qualifying weight for the module. This is where you decide how important the field is. For example, in my case both are 5’s, so I put 5 in the Qualifying Weight. This means, if organization name is identical match, then it’s considered as duplicate, same for contact. However, if I would have multiple fields for Organizations, for example “Organization Phone – weight 2.5” and “Organization Name – weight 2.5”, and if the qualifying weight is 5, then both phone and name must be identical match in order for the account to be considered as duplicate.
  • Hit “Next”

  • Duplicate records will be displayed on the next screen. You will be able to keep/merge/ignore/delete the records.
  • Hit “Import Now” to finalize the dedupe and the import.

  • The final screen will display the summary of kept, deleted, ignored and merged records.



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