Boru Drag and Drop Documents User Guide

[accordion title=”Boru Drag and Drop Document Settings”]

  • Go to “Settings” > “Boru Drag and Drop Doc”.
  • This displays the main control panel for the module.
  • Select Modules in which you want to show Drag & Drop Document widget.

[accordion title=”User Guide”]

  • Go to record (Accounts, Contacts, Quotes,…) that you want to insert documents of module that you selected from Settings Drag document Drop to Drag-n-Drop Doc widget in vTiger record details screen

  • It shows message that document has been create.

  • Go to Documents related list to check.

  • Note: Default apache configuration for file upload is 2MB, you need to check your php.ini configuration an increase max_file_upload = 2M to 10M or more to allow upload document larger than 2MB.



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