Boru Releases Beta Version of Boru2Gmail – a Chrome App for Vtiger-Gmail Integration

I was a daily user of our Vtiger Gmail Gadget for Google Apps users and I missed it when Google rendered that non-working because a succession of changes they made.

Now I am excited be able to work in Vtiger from Gmail again.  Here is my top 7 list of things I love about our Vtiger Gmail Chrome App.

  1. Quick create a contact/org in Vtiger while in Gmail
  2. One click to add the Gmail email contents as an email linked to the contact in Vtiger
  3. One click to open the Vtiger contact from Gmail
  4. Quickly update the Vtiger phone numbers from the email signature in Gmail
  5. When I receive an email from a contact, check to make sure I have a follow up call scheduled
  6. One click to schedule a follow up call in Vtiger from Gmail
  7. While viewing an email from a contact, able to view emails that others in my company have sent /received to/from the contact

Click here to go to our product page and download the app.

Interested in learning more? Let us send you an email.

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