Boru Vtiger Calendar – Great Features

I was doing a training session for a client this week on the Vtiger Calendar and ended up talking a lot about our vtiger calendar because he has some needs that the Vtiger standard calendar does not fulfill.  It has been a while since I have done the comparison and I think lost track of just how good our calendar is.  Here is a list of the features that our calendar has the Vtiger calendar does not.

  • Scheduler Capabilities (Scheduler Tab and Timeline Tab allow you to see calendars and days side by side)
  • Send iCal/ics Calendar Invites for linked Contacts
  • Easily link contacts, organizations, projects, tickets, etc. with out having to navigate away from the calendar view
  • Seven calendar tabs to choose from (eg. Work week, Year, Scheduler, etc.)
  • See many hours in one screen (Vtiger allows only a few hours to be seen so you have to scroll a lot)
  • Event colors driven by logic
  • Customize the data that displays on the event

Here is a link to the comparison table:

Here is a link to Boru Vtiger Calendar page:

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