How to one-click change all product pricing on a Quote

Vtiger opensource crm comes with a “PriceBooks” module. While it certainly has it’s uses we find it to be cumbersome for certain applications. We received a request from a client to quickly set a markup percentage for individual quotes. Pricebooks was not an option.

Here’s an example use case of what was required:

  • Client’s database has 30,000+ products and product bundles
  • Client’s customer base exceeds 5,000 customers
  • Some products go in and out of being on sale
  • The customer’s quotes may contain 20+ product purchase rows

Given the facts above, we were tasked with setting this up in the most flexible method possible. Here’s how we accomplished this:

  1. Create a user interface whereby the client can setup the tiered pricing. Screenshot of how this looks:


2. Add a drop down selection where the tiered pricing can be applied on any Quote:


So here’s how it works:

  1. The client creates their pricing tiers in the Vtiger settings page
  2. The client then creates a Quote and adds all of their line items to that quote
  3. While in edit mode, the client changes the drop down for “Price Level” to the appropriate percentage.

Once the selection is made in the drop-down, all of the line item pricing instantly updates based on the percentage rate selected. You might ask, well “what if I don’t want to markup all of the items on the Quote?” That’s simple enough, in the case of this client, they may have a product on sale so they will simply use the Vtiger built-in discount box to then discount that item appropriately. If the client has 20 items on the quote but doesn’t want to apply the 25% markup to 3 items as shown in the screenshot then the client  can simply discount those 3 items by 25%.

Do you like this integration? Would you like to know more or do you have a similar request? We would love to hear your feedback.

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