Changing the size of the Font and Formatting of Numbers.

A problem that some people can encounter the size of the font in Vtiger not being big enough, and with other modules or widgets the display of numbers has the wrong format. We took on this issue and made a small but useful widget. With this widget, the user is able to change the size of the font in the “Home Page and Dashboard” in Vtiger, and select the one that is best for you.

In addition, We were able to format the numbers displayed in the Home Page and Dashboards to the format needed, such as a currency field, or just adding commas every for every thousand. This Little widget will help you absorb information from your Vtiger Home Page and dashboards better since you will be able to read and see a bigger font but also to understand the numbers you are reading since the commas will aid you to process the quantities quicker. The power of this Widget is available for Vtiger and is ready to be use.


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