CRM Alerts: Revolutionizing Task Management with Boru’s Vtiger Customization

In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying on top of tasks is crucial. At Boru, we’ve developed an innovative solution for a client using Vtiger, a leading CRM platform. This crm alerts customization is designed to funnel users towards their daily duties, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

A Unique Alert System in Vtiger

Our client needed a crm system to help employees manage their extensive task lists. We at Boru crafted a unique alert system in their Vtiger build. This system displays alerts to specific users at predetermined times throughout the day. It’s set to trigger at 2:00 PM, and subsequently at 30-minute intervals until 5:00 PM, which marks the end of the workday.

CRM Alert: How Does It Work?

The core of this system lies in its smart filtering capability. In Vtiger, various record types that need attention are organized into filters. For each filter that requires user alerts, there’s a checkbox labeled “alert user.” If any CRM records in these filters are unaddressed during the specified timeframe, the assigned user receives an alert.

User-Centric Alerts

The alerts are designed to be user-specific. They notify the user about the tasks they need to complete, linking directly to the relevant filter. What’s ingenious is the system’s ability to only show records assigned to the logged-in user. This personalization ensures that each user gets a tailored view, avoiding any confusion or overlap of tasks.

Dynamic Alert Adjustments

Our system is dynamic. If a user completes their tasks, they won’t receive further alerts. This adaptive feature helps focus the alerts only on pending tasks, reducing unnecessary notifications.

Beyond CRM Alerts: Proactive Task Management

While the alerts drive focus, users can still navigate to their filters independently. This feature allows them to proactively manage their tasks and stay ahead of their schedule.


Boru’s customization of Vtiger crm alerts for this client demonstrates our commitment to providing practical, user-friendly solutions. By integrating a tailored alert system, we’ve enhanced task management, ensuring that employees stay on track with their daily responsibilities. This approach not only improves individual productivity but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the organization.

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