Custom Dashboards by Boru: Revolutionizing Sales Management in CRM

Boru’s innovative approach to enhancing CRM functionality is exemplified in our recent development of custom dashboards for various clients. These dashboards, tailored to meet diverse needs and requirements, offer a dynamic and visually engaging way to track sales and performance metrics. Utilizing various types of charts, these dashboards have become a vital tool for managers to oversee sales activities effectively.

Versatile Charting Options for Comprehensive Analysis

Our custom dashboards feature a range of chart types, including gauge, line, and bar charts, along with tables that display critical sales data. This variety ensures that managers have access to data presented in the most informative and user-friendly manner.

Key Features of Boru’s Custom Dashboards:

  • Gauge Charts for Sales Metrics: Customizable gauge charts track company-wide sales metrics, displaying goals and achievements. These charts are adaptable to daily, weekly, or monthly views, depending on the client’s needs.
  • Bar and Line Charts for Detailed Insights: These charts show sales goals and achievements for individual users or groups. They offer a granular view of performance, breaking down data by sales types and user groups.
  • Dynamic Updating and Real-Time Insights: The charts dynamically update to reflect real-time data, including the ability to show achievements beyond 100% of the target, thus encouraging and recognizing overachievement.
  • Radio Button Filters for Clutter-Free Viewing: Users can select different types of sales via radio buttons, updating the graphs accordingly. This feature helps in managing the display of multiple graphs, reducing dashboard clutter.
  • Tables for Group and Individual Sales Data: The dashboards include tables that detail the sales achievements of individual agents or groups, providing a quick overview of daily or weekly performances.

Customization and User-Friendly Interface

In addition to these features, our dashboards are designed with a focus on user experience. They include tabs for different groups, allowing users to easily switch between comprehensive views or focus on specific segments.

Benefits of Customized Dashboards:

  • Tailored Data Representation: Clients can specify their preferred formats and data points, ensuring the dashboard aligns with their unique business processes and goals.
  • Enhanced Managerial Oversight: Managers gain a comprehensive overview of sales activities, allowing for more informed decision-making and efficient sales management.

Boru’s Commitment to Advanced CRM Solutions

These custom dashboards underscore Boru’s commitment to delivering advanced CRM solutions that not only enhance data visualization but also provide actionable insights for businesses. By integrating such dynamic tools into CRM systems, we empower our clients with the ability to manage and analyze their sales data more effectively.

For more information on how Boru can enhance your CRM experience with custom dashboards and other innovative solutions, visit our website or contact us. Let Boru’s expertise in CRM optimization drive your business’s sales management to new heights.

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