Unlocking New Horizons: Vtiger Upgrade Process

Hello there! It’s Anthony from Boru here, and I have some exciting talk about upgrading your Vtiger system, a task that we at Boru have mastered. The Vtiger upgrade process isn’t just about jumping from an older version to the latest — it’s a journey through functionality and security enhancements that can significantly benefit your […]

Seamless Field Operations with Boru’s Vtiger Open Source Mobile App

In the bustling world of business, staying connected is paramount—and that’s where my personal narrative intertwines with Boru’s innovative solutions. When it comes to managing customer relationships on the go, I’ve observed that our Vtiger open-source mobile app elevates field operations to new heights, catering to the dynamic needs of service-oriented businesses. A Personal Touch […]

Customizing Vtiger for Enhanced User Experience: Our Client-Centric Approach

When it comes to managing customer relationships and workflows, Vtiger custom functions are key. At Boru, we understand how vital a tailor-made CRM solution is for our clients. Our recent work with Vtiger CRM for a specific client showcases our dedication to creating a user-friendly, efficient, and safe environment for their daily operations. Seamless Workflow […]

Maximizing Vtiger’s Speed: Beyond Basic Performance

When it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, speed is more than a convenience—it’s a critical component of user productivity and satisfaction. That’s why, as a seasoned CRM specialist, I find myself constantly delving into solutions for Vtiger’s slow performance to ensure that our clients experience a seamless, swift, and efficient workflow. Conquering Custom […]

Elevating User Productivity with Custom Popups in Vtiger CRM

Streamlining Task Management Through Innovative Vtiger Popups In the realm of CRM, staying on top of tasks and managing records efficiently is vital. Boru’s recent innovation in custom popups for Vtiger open source CRM exemplifies our commitment to enhancing user productivity. We have developed a unique solution for a client, transforming the way users interact […]

Customizing Vtiger Ticketing System for Diverse Business Needs with Boru

In today’s dynamic business environment, effective ticket management systems are crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and efficient service delivery. Boru’s customization of the Vtiger ticketing system extends its functionality, making it adaptable for a wide range of businesses beyond IT support, including those in product sales and service support industries. Tailored Ticketing Flows for Various […]

Seamless Integration: Google Contacts Sync with Vtiger

In the realm of CRM platform enhancements, Boru’s innovative approach has paved the way for a pivotal functionality – the synchronization of Google Contacts with Vtiger. This integration epitomizes our dedication to making customer relationship management more efficient and user-friendly. How Does It Work? The Boru Vtiger to Google Contacts Sync is designed for ease […]