Custom Widgets on Summary Pages

Sometimes you just need a little edge and some quick development can get you there. Occasionally, it’s painfully obvious that you’re wasting clicks while you anxiously await the next page to load only to go back and repeat the process. Vtiger comes out of the box with a very well structured organizational path. The process is simple, you have an organization and then a number of menu items that contain things that relate back to that organization. An example of this is a business that centers their daily activities around support tickets. At a very basic level they may have support tickets in an Organization’s related list.

The Vtiger support system typically needs very little customization. Sure you may find that you need some custom fields and workflows but in general the default system provides the backbone of what you might need to operate a fluid support team. However, there are ways to save time while adding more information in places you need it. We have been tasked with improving the support system over the years but one of the easiest, quickest ways to do this is to provide more information on the summary screen of an organization.

Out of necessity we developed a quick, easy to use Vtiger module to place a widget on the Organization Summary screen for all related tickets. You can find the Org Screen Tickets Widget module in our store. Adding this plugin will assist in placing more information at your fingertips right from the Organization. While this is typically a great place to start, we can add to this by modifying the display to provide other information or even adding colors to enhance the visual status of tickets.

If you would like to improve your team’s efficiency and quality of support then I ask you to send us a message or add a comment to this post.

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