Customization – Enhanced Vtiger Product Search with Positive Inventory Search

If your company has many products with similar names, then you know the struggle of sifting through your Vtiger product search when creating a quote or an invoice. That’s why Boru created a Vtiger customization that makes searching for products so much quicker and easier.

When your products have long titles that all start with the same first 10 letters, your Vtiger product search for individual products can take forever because you have to type in a lot of characters til the list narrows down enough for you to find the one you want. This Vtiger customization can really cut down on your search time. We created a modification for a type-ahead search that only displays products that are in stock. In addition, if you’re looking for a product regardless of if it’s in stock, we added a toggle button that can give you the option to search all products.

Vtiger product search
Enhance your Vtiger product search with Positive Inventory Search

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