Customization – Pulling Vtiger Related Data from Linked Records

We frequently have clients who come to us asking to take information from one Vtiger record and make it show in a related record.  E.g. show the organization address in the linked contact record.

There are 3 options for doing this:

  1. Transfer the data upon record creation — the downside to this method is the data can get out of sync
  2. “Show through” the data from the org to the contact.  This gives 100 percent accurate real-time data, but makes searches and reports using that data harder to do.
  3. Update the data (same as #1) every time opens/edits the record.  Usually, this is the best option.

Since we have a very experienced team, our Vtiger professionals are able to do any of the  3 options. This particular client chose option 3 and has been very pleased with the results.

Pulling Related Data from Linked Records
Pulling Related Data from Linked Records

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