Customization – Trucking – Logistics Implementation of Vtiger

Here at Boru, we have helped a wide variety of companies who specialize in different industries. Recently, one of our clients who specializes in freight shipping and trucking in Illinois came to us in hopes that we could help them become more organized with their shipping schedules and reports within Vtiger.

Our job was to create a Vtiger platform from scratch that allows this client to easily keep track of loads and shipping schedules, as well as contracts with their customers. This client had specific needs, and we were able to take their requests and mold a more efficient Vtiger for them.

Since this company’s ability to deliver loads on time is vital to their business, it is often a high-stress environment. Our Boru professionals provided a way for this company to efficiently keep track of their schedules. One specific example of this Vtiger build is when drivers deliver a load, they can call in their drop off time. That time is then inputted into Vtiger. If the field is still blank after they processed all their call-ins, the load shows up on a Late Delivery Report.  This way, they can spot at a glance which drivers to call if something isn’t on time. 

Does your company specialize in a unique industry like this client? Boru can help customize your Vtiger so you can focus more on running your business and less on your CRM system. Contact us with any questions.



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