Customization – View Total Customer Vtiger Invoice Balance

With any business, there will always be at least one customers who have past due bills. With standard Vtiger, there’s really no way to stay organized when keeping track of those past due amounts. That’s why Boru created a customization that groups all non zero invoices together for any client and clearly displays a total customer Vtiger invoice balance.

With our customization, Vtiger adds up all balances on all Vtiger invoice balances for a specific client. In the organization screen, all invoices balances will be totaled, and will be displayed in the organization screen. That way, when a client calls to order from you, you can view at a glance if they have a past due amount to be paid.  This will help the client initiate a payment before you process the next order.

View Total Customer Vtiger Invoice Balance
View Total Customer Vtiger Invoice Balance

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