Close Out Page-Discounts Tab

I am going to continues talking about this project, but this time I will talk about a the starting tab of this, the Discounts Tab. This portion of the Close Out page is the first tab of the process where the user gets to see the discounts and add ons on their order. It starts with a prepopulated field with the discount amount and percentage from the selected package. It continues with different kinds of discounts that are applied, depending on the situation, and the appliance discounts work the same way.

Finally, There are the add ons, these quantities are easy to add and it varies from warehouse charges to delivery fees. All of these quantities can be updated as needed and the app will change the quantities automatically. It is important to note that some of the discounts are only able to use by a manager, so the discount will be sync when the app is online. All in all, this tab does a good job of showing the user the quantities from discounts, to add ons, to the final amount after those fields.

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