Vtiger Customization: HUD Sales Tool to Quickly Update & Oversee Opportunities – All on One Page

Entering customer data is a laborious task and requires time that salespeople may not have when they need to update information.  We see this problem often with our clients, and recently helped a company that was losing data and sales because of this issue.  

Instead of going through the long data-entry process across multiple pages, a HUD tool does the following:

  • Complete overview of customer contacts including email, history, sales, and more
  • Quickly update and add important opportunity information on same page as the overview
  • See the images below for visual description of this HUD customization
  • Read more about our HUD or Head-Up Display tools here
 Image 1: Customer wanted to update the stage of the opportunity and expected close date. This tool provides quick access to editing.

Image 2:  Bird’s eye view of entire HUD page and the tools.


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