Enhancing CRM Efficiency with Boru’s Vtiger Lead Scoring System


In today’s fast-paced CRM environment, prioritizing leads efficiently is crucial. That’s where Boru’s innovative approach to Vtiger customization comes into play. We recently introduced a unique extension called the Super Queue, designed to optimize user interaction with CRM records. Let’s dive into how this custom extension transforms the way leads are scored and prioritized in Vtiger.

The Super Queue: A Predictive Scoring Mechanism

The Super Queue functions as a predictive tool within Vtiger. It assigns a point value to each record based on various criteria, including picklist values. The system prioritizes records for user interaction based on these scores, ensuring that the most critical leads are addressed promptly. This approach is akin to predictive dialling systems but focuses on CRM records instead of calls.

User-Friendly Design for Efficient Lead Management

A key feature of the Super Queue is its accessibility. A button labelled ‘Make My Calls’ is prominently placed in the global navbar, allowing users to access the most relevant records from anywhere in the system. This design ensures that users can quickly engage with the leads that require immediate attention.

Internal Scoring System for Contacts

The Super Queue’s effectiveness lies in its internal scoring logic. The system automatically updates the scores and last score update fields whenever a record is modified. Additionally, a daily cron job refreshes these scores, ensuring they remain up-to-date. Default scores are set to zero, so any non-zero score indicates a lead that needs attention.

Logical Conditions for Lead Prioritization

The Super Queue’s scoring algorithm considers various factors such as callback dates, contact status, and grades. For instance, if a callback date is due or overdue, the score increases. Similarly, different statuses and grades are assigned specific point values, contributing to the overall score of a lead.

The ‘Make My Calls’ Button: Navigating to High-Priority Contacts

Upon clicking the ‘Make My Calls’ button, the system navigates the user to the summary view of the highest-scoring contact assigned to them. After addressing this contact, clicking the ‘Next’ button takes the user to the contact with the next highest score. This process continues until all high-priority leads are attended to.

Customizable Scoring for Diverse Needs

The Super Queue is adaptable to various business requirements. Whether it’s prioritizing contacts based on geographical location, data completeness, or other specific criteria, the scoring system can be tailored to suit different operational needs. This flexibility allows businesses to align the tool with their unique sales and marketing strategies.

Potential for Efficiency and Productivity

The Super Queue stands as a testament to Boru’s commitment to enhancing CRM efficiency. By intelligently scoring and prioritizing leads, the Super Queue empowers users to focus their efforts where they are needed most, thereby optimizing their productivity and the overall sales process.


Boru’s custom Vtiger Lead Scoring system, embodied in the Super Queue, is a powerful tool for any CRM-driven business. By streamlining the process of lead prioritization and management, it significantly boosts efficiency and effectiveness. If you’re looking to enhance your Vtiger CRM system with this cutting-edge functionality, reach out to us for a discovery meeting, and let’s transform your CRM experience together.

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