Financing Form

I will continue with the theme from last week, when I was talking about the “Customer Closeout Form”, but this time I will go into more detail of one the sections that the form contains. I will talk about the financing section of the Closeout form and how this page has a good execution when it comes to make payments.

The User will see this page after the previous tabs of the form are complete. The User has the ability to add payment methods until the limits are met, 1 cash, 2 credit cards and 2 checks. Furthermore, the saved payment methods can be edited in case you want to increase the cash amount, expired Credit Cards, or the wrong check number was given. This gives the user the flexibility to have multiple payment methods that can be used for different amounts, those being “downpayment” or for the “monthly payments amount”.

In addition, “Downpayment” and “Monthly Payment Methods” lets you utilize more than one payment method. For example, when selecting a downpayment amount, you can divide up that quantity and applied it to multiple “Payment Methods”

This is just an insight into the user experience and the flexibility that the user have for this section. All in all, we aimed to make the financing process easy for the user by giving him enough tools and flexibility to have and apply different “Payment Methods” in order to make payments.

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